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New President PresiDoge is Now In Charge!

Today, I come to you not with promises of the ordinary, but with a vision that stretches beyond the horizon. A vision of an America that shines brighter, stands taller, and roars louder than ever before!

My fellow Americans, together, we have weathered storms, faced challenges, and triumphed over adversity. But let me tell you this: our greatest days are yet to come! No matter what side of the political divide, We are a nation of innovators, dreamers, and believers all together as one. And it’s time to unleash that unstoppable spirit that defines us!



W.A.G.A. – We’re Achieving Greatness Again!

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First and foremost, let us strengthen the bonds that unite us as one nation, under dog and God, indivisible! Let us embrace diversity as our strength and unity as our beacon. No matter the color of our fur, the size of our paws, or the breed or race we represent, we are all Americans, and together we shall prevail!.

Economic Prosperity

Emphasize plans to stimulate economic growth and create more opportunities for all Americans. This could include initiatives to support small businesses, invest in infrastructure projects to create jobs, and implement policies to ensure fair wages and job security. Also, implement a low automatic crypto-like flat-tax on each transaction, so there are no more personal taxes and no need to worry about tedious accounting and reporting, freeing people up to just do their business!

Education and Workforce Development

Outline strategies to strengthen the education system and provide Americans with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century economy. This could include increasing funding for public education, expanding access to vocational training and apprenticeship programs, and addressing student loan debt to make higher education more affordable.

National Security and Foreign Policy

Demonstrate a strong commitment to protecting the nation’s security interests and promoting peace and stability on the global stage. Outline plans to strengthen the military, enhance cybersecurity capabilities, and engage diplomatically with allies and adversaries alike. Emphasize the importance of strategic leadership and collaboration to address global challenges such as terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and cyber threats.


Presidoge on Air Doge One
Presidoge on Air Doge One

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PresiDoge (WAGA) Coin

Healthcare Access and Affordability

Advocate for comprehensive healthcare reform to ensure all Americans have access to quality, affordable healthcare. This could involve building on the existing healthcare system to expand coverage, lower prescription drug costs, and improve mental health services. Highlight the importance of protecting pre-existing conditions and ensuring healthcare is accessible to all, regardless of income or background!

Unity and Bipartisanship

Highlight a commitment to bridging the political divide and fostering unity among Americans. Promote the idea of working across party lines to address pressing issues facing the nation, such as healthcare, immigration reform, and climate change. Emphasize the importance of finding common ground and putting the country’s interests above partisan politics and lead the country into greatness again!


Join the new WAGA movement – whether it’s “WE’RE ACHIEVING GREATNESS AGAIN!” or “WE’RE ACHIEVING GREATNESS AMERICA”, PresiDoge and WAGA are here to lead the New Crypto America intro the glorious future!

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Uncle Sam Doge AI


A.I. Senator
UncleSam.AI is the leading new AI Doge Agent used to run and consult for the New Crypto America! Join WAGA Today!


Minister of Defence
MemeRilla.com is the Minister of Defense and the safeguard for the New Crypto America!
Dog Wif Tat

Dog Wif Tat

External Affairs
DogWifTat.com is the External Affairs and Sponsors Representative, because everyone will donate to support a little puppy wif a hat and a tattoo - and the WAGA movement!

Mary Jane

Office and Event Coordinator
Mary Jane is the Office and Event Coordinator for the New Crypto America and WAGA movement. When something needs to get figured out, Mary Jane is on the case!

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Achievements are now made easier using PresiDoge and the UncleSam.AI program, and with the blockchain, data and media is saved and available for the benefit of all Crypto Americans.

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WAGA – We’re Achieving Greatness Again!

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PresiDoge (WAGA) Coin
PresiDoge (WAGA) Coin

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In 2024, Don’t vote for the usual right or left, vote for the middle, Dogecrats and Dogeicans Together as One!
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We’re here to have better goals for America and have better parties than ever!
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America has made more achievements of any country on the planet, and with PresiDoge, we’re going to make alot more greatness!
Approving Better Laws
If you’ve ever been in John’s shoes, you realize we need batter laws to protect more people when the need arises.
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WAGA – ‘We’re Achieving Greatness Again!’

WAGA – ‘We’re Achieving Greatness America!’